What do I have to do now?

1. RSVP with your dates
We recommend arriving in Khao Lak on Friday, 16th Nov afternoon to settle in, get acquainted with the place and get to know one another during dinner.   Then after the wedding party on Saturday night, you will definitely need Sunday morning to “recuperate” before flying back home on the same Sunday evening. 

This way, you only need to take a day off work (Friday).

For those who really can’t take a day off: come on Saturday morning, and leave Sunday night. There are several flight options for this (see the Flights & Accommodation page).

For those who want to extend this ‘holiday’: take Monday off too! Or better, take Tuesday off too and and fly home with us on that evening! On Monday, we will probably go to the Similan Islands (2-hour boat ride away) for a dive!

Remember to send pictures of you in the Red Decoder glasses to jasonandfang@gmail.com 

2.  Stay tuned to book your air-tickets!
We are constantly looking out for promos or deals from Tiger Airways, Air Asia, Jetstar, and Silk Air. Once the best deals come out for the November period, we will send out a call to MAKE THE BOOKINGS!!


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